Sunday, January 07, 2007


I have taken a Nome de plume for this book - which is A. Bife.

Portuguese may enjoy the joke as ‘um bife’ is their nickname for any Brit (m) and I believe it owes its origins to the British enjoyment of roast beef.

(Or maybe the Portuguese enjoyment of roast Brits - who knows.)

I would like to thank every Portuguese who showed me hospitality and kindness during my stay in their country - and for showing me pity for being a Bife.

This book may contain statements of a controversial nature - they do not represent the views of anyone I know, or have met either in Portugal, or anywhere else and are entirely my own conclusions

All events are real; I have merely changed some of the names of the participants. (In case they decide to either disown, or sue me.)

I would be very interested to hear of anyone’s comments to these contents and this blogsite is for this purpose - which will contain extracts from the book.

You will be able to add your comments to the various chapters by clicking on ‘Comments’ and following the on-line instructions.


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