Sunday, April 01, 2007

About to be published

Hi, folks.

I have had the MS of "How to be Portuguese-ish" accepted by a publisher. They are on-line and are called Authors On Line.

The appearance of the book on their website will mean that interested parties will soon be able to buy an e-copy, on-line.

In don't know if this is the ideal route to go, but it seems like a first step into a world where it is difficult to be accepted by any mainstream publisher, unless you have a blockbuster on your hands.

So, if the e-book gets good response, I will then see if it interests the mainstream.

As part of my strategy I'll also be keeping this blogsite open, with extracts from each chapter. I would be both pleased and excited if you all contributed to the 'Comments,' by clicking on that word and adding your experiences, or agreements/ disagreements.

If I ever get to a second issue, I would then consider the inclusion of those comments.

I'll probably only go 'Live' on the AOL site in about a month, but will keep you all informed.


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